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Richie Brace

The Richie Brace has been used extensively in the United States and has recently been introduced in Australia. Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy is among the first practices to prescribe the Richie Brace.

The Richie Brace is a custom AFO that has 2 adjustable uprights placed either side of the leg and ankle which articulate with the contoured orthotic footplate. This allows for unrestricted ankle motion (excluding the restricted hinge AFO).

The Richie Brace AFO has several advantages over tradition AFOs including:

  • Streamline design allows for ease of fit into shoes
  • Custom fit to the foot and leg with excellent patient comfort
  • It’s lightweight, sports design is preferred by patients over traditional AFOs

There are 4 types of Richie Brace AFO

  • 1. Standard
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    The Richie Standard AFO is indicated for challenging foot and ankle pathologies such as:
    • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (Adult acquired flatfoot)
    • Ankle instability
  • 2. Arch Suspender (medial or lateral)
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    Arch Suspender modifications (medial or lateral) are indicated for severe cases of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and extreme pronation.
  • 3. Fixed Hinge
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    The Fixed Hinge AFO is indicated for
    • Ankle and subtalar joint osteoarthritis
    • Dropfoot
  • 4. Dynamic Assist
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    The Dynamic Assist AFO is indicated for the stabilisation of the foot and ankle in patients with weakness of leg muscles (foot drop) which may be the result from:
    • Post stroke
    • Mild cerebral palsy
    • Charcot Marie Tooth Disease
    • Post spinal cord surgery
    • Peroneal nerve trauma

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