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Orthotics are specially designed in-shoe devices that correct and control abnormal foot and lower limb function and may also be designed to accommodate and relieve pressure over painful areas. Orthotics can correct biomechanical abnormalities of the feet and lower limb which may contribute to painful conditions.

There are many types of orthotics available including customised (i.e. manufactured from a cast of your feet) and prefabricated devices, as well as various materials from very soft to rigid. The truth is, not one type of orthotic or material is suitable for everyone. At Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy, our podiatrists have access to a large range of orthotic options, and can prescribe the most appropriate device for you following an extensive assessment of your complaint and biomechanical assessment.

At Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy, we believe that orthotics are suitable only in some cases, and are only one part of your treatment plan. Orthotics are usually prescribed in combination with other treatments such as stretching, strengthening, dry needling and footwear modifications just to name a few.

Carbon fibre orthotic device
EVA Orthotic Devices
Polypropylene Orthotic Devices
Subortholen Orthotic Devices

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