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At Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy we understand the challenges of being injured or in pain and the value of returning to your normal daily life.

 Just 5 minutes from Brisbane CBD - in the heart of the West End.

We are ideally located and we have  free on-site car parking!

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Our clinic offers  PODIATRY  and  PHYSIOTHERAPY  treatment for all musculoskeletal injuries for the whole family- including post-surgery, post-injury or any aches and pains you may have been suffering from. We also offer services for chronic pain, diabetes, general foot care and patients covered under the NDIS.

All our clinicians are experienced and highly skilled within their fields. We have clinicians that have presented at conferences, published in medical journals and lectured in universities.

At Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy, our aim is to cut through the medical jargon down to the brass tacks of what’s going to get you better! We help you understand why you’re injured or in pain and treat you with appropriate rehabilitation, exercise, advice, taping, orthotic prescription, massage and joint mobilisation. Our passion is to keep you moving!


 Heel Pain

Pain underneath the heel is one of the most common conditions that podiatrists see. People will often have pain under the heel when they get out of bed in the morning or after prolonged periods of sitting. The pain will often warm up but will affect your ability to exercise. Podiatrists are experts in the diagnosis of heel pain and identifying the causes of your heel pain

 Knee pain

Are you suffering from knee pain that is stopping you from doing those activities you enjoy? Is it limiting how much you can achieve? The most common cause of knee pain is from the patellofemoral joint (knee cap), and if left untreated can become quite debilitating. Physiotherapists & Podiatrists are trained to assess the movement of your joints and can help in diagnosing and treating the cause of patellofemoral problems.

 Ankle sprains

One of the most common injuries in sports today. Despite this, they are quite often left untreated leading to poor healing and joint sense, which makes them more likely to occur again! Early assessment and treatment is paramount to a faster return to sport and to prevent the injury from happening again.

  Gait analysis

Have you had your runners for a while? Are you starting to get leg or foot pain with running or exercise? New shoes can make all the difference but consider getting a 'wheel alignment' done before you purchase that new pair. There are a number of biomechanical issues that can cause pain in the lower limb.

The team at Performance Podiatry West End Brisbane
Kent Sweeting, podiatrist of Performance Podiatry assessing a patient on a treadmill
Gemma Parsons, podiatrist at Performance Podiatry explaining footwear to patient
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