Corns and Callus

Get relief from painful corns and calluses with our expert podiatry treatment. Our experienced team provide targeted solutions to help you regain comfort and mobility.

How do corns and calluses occur?

They may develop on areas that experience compression from the shoe or from increased weight-bearing on soft tissue prominences.

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How does it feel to have a corn or callus?

Pain is associated with weight-bearing, and particularly increased in tight shoes or shoes which provide very little cushioning from the hard ground. The pain can be a ‘burning’ feeling; however, if localised, the pain can be quite sharp due to the increased pressure on the nerve supply.

What should you do if you have a corn or callus?

Depending on the amount and thickness of the skin, one could use a pumice stone and rub the affected area with stone whilst in the bath. Moisturisers for the skin are also important. The professional treatment of corns and calluses is debridement of the excess skin and this can be done by one of our podiatrists.

What shouldn’t you do if you have a corn or callus?

You should try and avoid cutting or pulling the skin off yourself as this can cause problems to the healthy tissue. Corn pads from the pharmacy are not recommended, as they can also cause problems to healthy skin.

Could there be any long-term effects of a corn or callus?

The area of dead skin may build up and a blister or ulcer may form underneath the skin. Some people can develop infections underneath the thick/deep callus or corns. This usually creates a lot of pain until the pressure is released.

Management of corns and calluses

Our podiatrists at Performance Podiatry can help with debridement of the excess skin and can offer footwear advice. If the area is quite prominent, we may be able to fit felt padding on the foot or in the shoe to reduce the excessive pressure.

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