Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy is pleased to announce that we are a registered provider of podiatry and physiotherapy services to participants registered with the NDIS that may need podiatry or physiotherapy support.

We are a Proud Supporter of The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

We are a  registered NDIS provider  and are able to provide services under the following NDIS categories:

  • CB Daily Living
  • Improved Daily Living Skills
  • Assistive Technologies

We commit to:

  • Keeping you fully informed of the best treatment and support options available to you.
  • Giving you choice and control over the delivery of our services.
  • Working with you to help achieve your goals.
  • Communicate with you openly and honestly.
  • Where possible assist and help you navigate the NDIS.

Podiatry NDIS Assistance

In addition to providing a full range of podiatry services we are able to assist participants who have:

  • The fitting and prescription of custom orthotics, the Richie brace and various shoe inserts, aids and equipment to assist clients with foot deformities, abnormal gait patterns and biomechanical abnormalities.
  • Difficulty reaching their feet to cut toe nails. We can provide general podiatry care to relieve discomfort and prevent pressure areas developing.
  • Problems with putting on everyday footwear, by supplying shoe horns or sock aids for the fitting of socks and hosiery.
  • The supply and fitting of compression and medical grade socks and hosiery for those suffering with poor circulation.
  • Diabetic and arthritic evaluations and neurological and vascular assessments.
  • Surgical evaluation, advice and recommendation for foot deformities, warts and ingrown toenails.

Physiotherapy NDIS Assistance

In addition to providing a full range of physiotherapy services we are able to assist participants who require:

  • Pain management
  • Walking rehabilitation
  • Balance training and falls prevention
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Education and advice about your condition, recovery, strengths and limitations
  • Equipment prescription
  • Gentle reconditioning
  • Mobility assessments

Physiotherapy can help you, or the person you care for:

  • Get out of bed
  • Take a bath or shower, dress and eat
  • Move around the home and outside the home
  • Do daily jobs, or sports and hobbies
  • Manage pain and chronic conditions
  • Lose weight
  • Choose and learn to use new equipment, like wheelchairs and walking frames.

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