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Iliopsoas Tendinopathy: Dancer's Hip

Iliopsoas tendinopathy is a common cause of hip and groin pain. It is common amongst not only dancers but other sports involving lots of changes of direction also. It usually comes on quite gradually and eases somewhat with rest periods. It is common to also have snapping or clicking at your hip also.

What Causes Iliopsoas Tendinopathy?

The iliopsoas is the culmination of two muscles in your hip- iliacus and psoas major. These muscles lie at the front of your hip and are important for the action of lifting your leg up towards your chest (hip flexion). They both share the same tendon inserting into the thigh bone. If repetitive use is put through this tendon and it is not strong enough to cope with this, it may become irritated and painful. There are some arguments that if you have muscle imbalances then these may may put excessive strain down through iliopsoas.

Do I have Iliopsoas Tendinopathy?

Accurate diagnosis by a health professional is the best way to find out. If you have pain at the front of your hip or in your groin that worsens with exercise and is stiff after exercise and first thing in the morning you may do. Your physiotherapist or doctor may assess your hip range of motion, muscle power and if you are tender to touch in and around your hip. They might also order x-rays if warranted.


Physical therapy is usually the first port of call in treating this condition. This should focus on strengthening the tendon in order to tolerate the load placed through it. Your physio may also add exercises to strengthen other muscles and your core. Soft tissue work to the muscle itself may be of some benefit for pain also.


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