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At Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy, we understand that when you’re injured or in pain, you want to return to sport or work pain-free quickly. We are a multidisciplinary clinic offering podiatry, physiotherapy and sports dietetics in West End – just 5 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.

All of our clinicians are highly skilled and experienced. Our podiatrists, physiotherapists and sports dietitians have presented at conferences, published in medical journals and lectured at university.

At Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy, we keep you moving.

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    Do you dread standing up first thing in the morning? Do you have to walk on your toes? You may be suffering from plantar fasciitis, a debilitating condition affecting the soft tissue that inserts onto the bottom of the heel. This is one of the most common causes of adult foot pain.

    The good news is that Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy can help relieve your heel pain. By undertaking a thorough assessment, we can offer you a personalised treatment to get you walking pain free again!
  • Knee pain? Don't ignore it!

    Are you suffering from knee pain that is stopping you from doing those activities you enjoy? Is it limiting how much you can achieve in a day? The most common cause of knee pain is from the patellofemoral joint (knee cap), and if left untreated can become quite debilitating. Physiotherapists & Podiatrists are trained to assess the movement of your joints and can help in diagnosing and treating the cause of patellofemoral problems. Come and see one of our clinicians today for a personalised assessment to help you get back to all the activities you enjoy!
  • Strained your hamstring – again?

    Hamstring strains are very common in sports requiring running, change in direction and acceleration/deceleration. Due to the hamstring's location and action during running, they are very prone to injury and when injured once, is more likely to happen again! Research has shown it to be important to get early diagnosis and treatment of the injury. Physiotherapists are trained to get you back to your best and identify and rehabilitate issues that will help reduce the risk of re-injury. Don't let it happen again, come and see one of our Physio's today!
  • Back pain - Did the holiday travelling leave you with more than a tan?

    Travelling, excessive indulgence and relaxation during the holidays is lots of fun, however many people often return from travelling with an increase in lower back pain. This is often due to the long periods of sitting with travelling, lifting heavy luggage, or once a year trying to play some backyard footy with the kids. Research has shown that improved stability around your mid-section can help reduce the incidence of lower back pain. Physiotherapists are trained to identify the cause of your pain, and also help you improve your strength in this area to get rid of the pain and reduce its likelihood to recur.
  • Rolled your ankle?

    Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in sports today. Despite this, they are quite often left untreated leading to poor healing and joint sense, which makes them more likely to occur again! Early assessment and treatment is paramount to a faster return to sport and to prevent the injury from happening again. At Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy we are skilled in helping you return to sport at your best. Come and see one of us today for a personalised approach to keep you playing all year!
  • Shoulder not what it used to be?

    Are you getting pain in your shoulder or down the outside of your upper arm? Having trouble moving your arm above chest height? Unable to lie on that shoulder anymore? You could be suffering from shoulder impingement in which certain structures get caught whilst moving your shoulder around. Irritation or damage to a number of structures can lead to this debilitating condition therefore early diagnosis by a health professional is important. Our on-site Physiotherapists are skilled in identifying the injured structure, and tailoring a rehabilitation program to get your mobile again.
  • High heels giving you pain?

    Women know that mental battle between wanting to look cute and the pain of wearing some high heels, so as you can guess, they aren't exactly great for your feet. However, wearing high heels can be more comfortable, it just takes a little bit of compromise and advice from your Podiatrist. Come and see us for tips on how to make heel wearing more comfortable and get advice on the best ways to ensure your feet stay healthy for as long as possible.
  • Is work being a pain in the neck?

    Are you developing neck pain towards the end of the day? Is your neck pain worse while at your desk? Is neck pain affecting your ability to be efficient? Ergonomics and postural position can be big contributors to the development of neck pain and headaches. Luckily, slight changes to your workplace set up and a few exercises and stretches can make all the difference for reducing frequency and severity of these conditions. See one of our Physio's today for a personalised advice on how you can become more comfortable at work.
  • Time for new shoes?

    Have you had your runners for a while? Are you starting to get leg or foot pain with running or exercise? New shoes can make all the difference but consider getting a 'wheel alignment' done before you purchase that new pair. There are a number of biomechanical issues that can cause pain in the lower limb. Here at Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy we are skilled at assessing what may be causing your pain, and giving you strategies to help fix or prevent them. We can also give you the right advice on what shoes are best for you and your biomechanics. Come in and see us today!
  • Is my arm pain coming from my neck?

    While most people are familiar with the idea that leg pain can often originate in the lower back, neck-related arm pain does not receive as much attention. However, a similar process can occur. Nerves can get caught as they leave the neck, resulting in symptoms which may include arm pain, weakness and pins and needles. This condition is relatively common and has a good recovery rate. Our Physiotherapists have undergone extensive training in the assessment and treatment of these symptoms. Call in and see one of our team of physiotherapists to alleviate your arm pain and prevent it becoming a recurring issue.
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