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Recurrent Hamstring Strains

Hamstring strains are very common in sports that require sprinting, change of direction, acceleration and deceleration. Due to this, hamstring strains are highly prevalent in Aussie Rules, Rugby Union and League, Football, and Athletics.

A hamstring strain can be quite debilitating as they are usually associated with prolonged symptoms, poor healing response and increased risk of re-injury.

Hamstring Strain Brisbane Treatment

What are the risk factors for Hamstring Strains?

There are a number of risk factors associated with hamstring muscle strains which include:
  • previous hamstring injury
  • poor flexibility of the muscles around the hip
    especially hip flexors and quads
  • weaker hamstring strength
    • compared to opposite side
  • poor core stability and lower back flexibility
    • hamstrings play a small role in pelvic stability and therefore can be overused
  • fatigue
    • more likely to occur in the second half of games once the muscle starts to fatigue
  • older ages group
  • Altered running mechanics.

What should I do if I think I have strained my hamstring?

The first 2 days are important for a speedy recovery. For any soft tissue injuries follow RICER for 48-72 hours and avoid HARM.
For 48 hours
20mins on / 20mins off for 2 hrs; then 20mins every 4 hours
Use a bandage – ensure you do not wear it overnight
Use pillows to help elevate the area
See a Physio ASAP for appropriate treatment and rehab
Causes increased swelling
Increases swelling and bleeding
Increased blood flow and swelling, may damage tissue further
May cause further damage

Get an assessment with one of our Physiotherapists! There are different types of hamstring strains which have different treatment directives and healing timeframes.

Also, pain in the hamstring can be caused by a number of different problems, so sometimes what feels like a hamstring strain may actually be coming from somewhere else.

Assessment is vital to differentiate what is causing YOUR pain, as treatment and prognosis is very different depending on the cause.

Do not stretch a suspected torn muscle until guided by your Physiotherapist, this can tear the muscle further if it is not ready!!

I’ve had a previous hamstring injury, what can I do to help prevent further injury?

Premature return to sport and incomplete rehabilitation will increase the risk of re- injury. If you have recently torn your hamstring or have had a hamstring tear in the past, an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists can help.

Physiotherapists are trained to identify and assess the risk factors associated with your particular problem and help you to lessen your risk of re-injury.

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