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The sports dietitians of ‘Apple to Zucchini: Sports Nutrition’ consult out of Performance Podiatry & Physiotherapy and offer a full range of dietetic services. Specialties include: sports nutrition (including race nutrition plans, training nutrition plans, and body composition testing), weight management, food-gut intolerances, and disordered eating management.

Our food philosophy is simple: the less processed your food is, the better it is for you! With an endless array of new food products & supplements available to us – we can guide you towards those that are useful, and those that are best avoided. We are not sponsored (or sell) any food products so our advice is 100% unbiased. If a meal plan is what you are seeking, we can give you the answer of what, when, and how much to eat, and all our meal plans are all individualised for your unique circumstances. No two plans ever look the same – and this is because we account for your food preferences, training loads, goals & lifestyle.

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  • Steph Cronin
    Steph Cronin
    Accredited Practising Dietitian, Associate Sports Dietitian, Level 1 ISAK Anthropometrist

    Growing up in a very athletic family, Steph has been involved in a range of sports including running, swimming, surfing, surf lifesaving and netball. Additionally, with four brothers she was always on the side-lines of rugby union games. Steph is a passionate dietitian who is devoted to working with her clients to reach their health goals. She strongly believes that quality nutrition and exercise is the key to living a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

    Living on the Sunshine Coast, it was her love for the ocean and surf lifesaving that captured Steph’s thirst for competitive sport. To date, Steph has represented Queensland three times and gained several individual and team medals at both state and national level.

    Because Steph continues to train & compete, her understanding of practical sports nutrition is one of her great strengths. Seeing how her own performance can be impacted by good (and sometimes bad!) nutrition choices has developed her desire to help other athletes to make the best possible nutrition choice for them.


    • Training and competition nutrition
    • Weight management and muscle gain
    • Water sports (swimming, kayaking)
    • Rugby/AFL
    • Short distance running
    • Disordered eating
    • Diabetes – Type 2 prevention & management
    • Cancer prevention & Oncology dietetics

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